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What do the Paint Doctors paint? That’s a simple answer. Just about anything!! Here’s an idea of our process. Each project is different and that’s what makes it interesting. Each project is special because we have an opportunity to serve our Lord and because it is special to you! So here’s what we are all about……





Interior Services That Are Provided



  • Painting, staining, finish coating, and protecting by brush, roller, or spraying.
  • Painted surfaces: masonry, drywall, cabinets, furniture, stairs, wood trim and doors.
  • Paint removal from trim, doors, cabinets, stairs and stairways.
  • Staining and restoration of previously painted wood surfaces.
  • Electrical switch and outlet replacements.
  • Some plumbing repairs, replacements, and modifications.
  • Additions or replacements of moldings (base, casing, or crown) to a stained or painted finish.
  • Repairs of trims and moldings.
  • Repair to water damaged ceilings or walls.
  • Dry wall repair and work on a small/medium scale.
  • Wall paper and paste removal.
  • Wall paper repair or application.
  • Hardware cleaning, restoration, or replacement if necessary (i.e. door hinges, locks, cabinet hardware).
  • Miscellaneous…just ask!


Once again we start the process of creating that new room or area in your home…

Organize and prep the room for the necessary work ahead.

Clean and repair the surfaces that are being finished.

Prime with appropriate paints or finishes.

Finish coat.

Touch ups and details.

We recommend California “fresh coat” for exterior painting (#1 consumer report). For interior painting, we recommend California “fresh coat”, Sherwin-Williams “cashmere”, or Benjamin Moore “regal”. Any of these paint products can be custom mixed to the color of your choice. For staining, we recommend Cabots brand.

As always our intention is to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through our work and service to you. We would like our work to be a blessing to you and your family and are always thankful that you have invited us into your home. We welcome your questions and ideas when we are with you and our desire is that you are pleased when our task is completed!




Assess The Project


  • A through inspection of the exterior/interior work to be performed.
  • Photographs of the project pre-work.
  • Share any additional services or options that may be beneficial to enhance or complete the project.




Exterior Preparation

The Paint Doctors will do a comprehensive assessment of the specified project and determine what will be required to achieve results that will bless you as our customer. It is important to start with a good foundation. As we stand on the ROCK we would like our action decisions to be on firm ground also so you can enjoy the appearance and benefits of a job well done for many years to come. We will take into consideration the best choice for cleaning, repairing, priming, and painting (whatever necessary steps may be required) to successfully complete the job. The weather, position of the project (sun or shade) and both exterior and interior influences will all be considered.


What goes into good preparation and how would we accomplish this?



  • A through cleaning of the exterior surface is required to start:
  • Power washing with a compressed water spray (note: this service is also available for sided homes and buildings that may just need to be “spruced-up”.
  • Mildew removal with a controlled bleach rinse followed by a power wash.
  • What types of repairs to the outside structure are offered?
  • Re-pointing of outside corners that have come apart.
  • Deck boards and railing replacement/repairs.
  • Window cleaning and screen replacement



Miscellaneous:   just ask!

How do we make the old paint look new?

The Word of God tells us we cannot put new wine into old bottles so He makes the changes; we also have to make changes by getting rid of the old to put on the new. We will need to assess what method will be required to remove or repair the old paint surface; our decision will depend on the type of paint on the house and the condition of that paint.


Our options are:



  • Grinding the old paint to the original surface.
  • Hand sanding.
  • Mechanical sanding.
  • Total paint removal to the original surface by use of heat gun.
  • and then we start…….
  • Wash and clean the structure
  • Make necessary repairs
  • class="MsoNormal">Repair the old and worn paint as mentioned above; smooth sand the affected areas
  • Wipe clean.
  • Prime (alkyd or latex depending on the surface).
  • Re-paint by spraying, brushing, or rolling.
  • Touch-ups and finishing touches


and then…….see you smile!




Interior Preparation

Interior preparation differs from the exterior approach as they are 2 entirely different environments. We take into consideration what you would like to have done in each individual room as each room has its own distinct personality. Kitchens, bathrooms, basements, living rooms will all differ as will ceilings, walls, and floors. We can advise and help on colors, appearances, and what will flow if necessary but love it when you have an idea as to how you would like it to look when we are finished.

Our process starts once again with organizing, cleaning, and prepping the room for painting.


  • Clear the room or organize space to access all areas that will be worked on.
  • Clean and wipe down walls, ceilings, or areas that will be prepped.
  • Thoroughly cover floors, furniture, and all items that need to be protected from “accidental” painting.
  • Remove any grease or contaminants from the surfaces that are being primed and painted.